Leah's Mini LollyBox (8 Lollies) - Spring Break Tropical Lollybox

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This is the mini sized assortment and contains 8 lollipops based on desserts from 8 of the 16 different lollies featured in the full sized box.  Sneak peeks of flavors featured can be found on the Lollies By Leah Instagram and FaceBook pages!


You will receive 8 random lollies from these 16!

1. Mermaid Lemonade (Strawberry Lychee Lemonade + Watermelon Chunks)
2. Take Me Down To Mexico (Salted Prickly Pear Margaritas)
3. Sittin’ Pretty In Suntan City (Mango + Dragonfruit + A Splash Of Soda + Coconut)
4. Toes In The Water (Blue Coconut Sprite + Cherry Cotton Candy) 
5. Mango Pineapple Lassi (Mango + Pineapple Yogurt)
6. Paradise Punch (Key Lime + Rainbow Sherbet + Hawaiian Punch)
7. Berry Beachy (Blackberry Hibiscus Mojitos + Purple Sugar Crystals) 
8. Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride (Blue Hawaii Lemonade)
9. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere (Hypnotic + Gummy Bears + Pineapple Juice) 
10. Jamaican Me Crazy (Honeydew + Watermelon + Peach + Sprite)
11. Tiki Torch (Grapefruit Juice + Pineapple Juice + Guava + A Dash Of Sprite)
12. Lava Flow (Hibiscus Watermelon Slushy + A Squeeze Of Orange Juice)
13. Sharkbait, Oh Ha Ha (Blue Hawaiian + Piña Coladas)
14. Coconuts About You (Coconut, Sprite, Rainbow Sherbet, Pineapple juice)
15. Coco Not Loco (Pineapples, Kiwi, & Coconuts Fizzy Soda)
16. Drinks At The Cabana (Guava Juice + Fresh Watermelon Puree + Pink Lemonade)