Sesame Street Assortment (shipping Feb 21st)

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I don't know about you, but Sesame Street was an important part of my childhood.  It taught me so much and I absolutely loved and love all memories of it to this day.  This 8 lolly assortment has been in the works for a while now and I hope you love it!  


The Sesame Street Assortment! - 

Oscar’s Dump-ster Cake (Yellow Cake + Cherry Pie Filling + Pineapple)
Slimey The Worm (Bomb Pop + Sour Gummy Worm)
Sherbet & Ernie (Raspberry Sherbet + Pink Lemonade + Hint Of Sprite)
The Count (Count Chocula Cereal Milk Cheesecake)
Big Bird (Tart Lemon Sorbet + Lemon Shortbread)
Kermit (Key Lime + Kiwi Snow Cone + Condensed Milk)
Elmo (Strawberry + Guava + Hawaiian Punch)
Cookie Monster (The Ultimate Cookie Dough Lolly)