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Corpse Bride SALTED Assortment - 8 Lollies

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All Lollies are made to order. Our goal is to have them shipped under 7-10 days.
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit


  • I Love You But You Are Not Mine - Salted Strawberries Jam Cheesecake
  • Pardon My Enthusiasm - Salted Grape Lemonade
  • I Will Lift Your Sorrows - Salted Fresh Mangos + Peach Smoothie 
  • Your Cup Will Never Be Empty - Salty Butterscotch + Rum Cake
  • I Will Light Your Way In Darkness - Salty Banana Cream Pie Cannoli 
  • I Ask You To Be Mine - Salty Passionfruit Orange Guava Wedding Cake
  • Maybe We Are Too Different - Salty Fruit Loops + Lemon Pudding
  • Once It’s Stopped Beating - Salty Caramel Pretzels + Fluffer Nutter