Pisces Lollipop (Key Lime & Blackberry Pie Topped w/ Sea Salty Sweet Toasted Meringue)

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PISCES Lollipopss

Pisces season is here. This lolly is a Key Lime & Blackberry Pie Topped w/ Sea Salty Sweet Toasted Meringue. I wanted this lolly to evoke the sea and a little bit of the tropics and add a little bit of the quiet, artistic nature of Pisces with the Blackberry. I hope you enjoy this ode to the Fishes!


Our Lollipops are 1.5" diameter by 0.25" thick. They are individually labeled and sealed with twists. *Custom text is free on large orders.

We use only 100% cane sugar. There are absolutely no corn syrups in my gourmet hand poured lollies. This creates a long-lasting hard candy with a creamy consistency. A truly unique and delicious experience. We know you will love them... and anyone lucky enough to share them with you will too.

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